Gang Members Concerned Pop Smoke

Updated: Mar 15

While the police try to learn who was targeting Pop Smoke...People have been talking about how Pop Smoke had to shut down a performance he had out of fear that gang members would be in his audience. This was only a few days before his unfortunate murder.

Apparently Pop Smoke was supposed to perform at the Kings Theatre located in Brooklyn last Sunday night. Instead he had to jump on his IG to cancel the show just before. He was the cops: "Unfortunately NYPD wouldn't let me perform."

According to TMZ's law enforcement sources, the rapper wasn't told by NYPD to cancel the show...the shut down decision was made by Pop Smoke himself..apparently he was out on bail from the infamous 'Rolls Royce theft case' and was told to keep distance from gang affiliates, cops said canceling his performance was really best for his self-interest.

a lot of people in Pop Smokes circle believe that gang members might really be behind his killing. Pop Smoke himself having concerns about gangs is something that really catches the attention of police.

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